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It is possible to pay for the goods purchased in 2 different ways: by bank transfer in advance and through paypal.

1. Advance payment by BANK TRANSFER

In the case of * payment by bank transfer *, your order cannot be processed until we have verified the payment. By choosing this option you will receive an email with our IBAN number:

IT17 F030 6912 3331 0000 0001 494

where to make your transfer. The transfer must be made using our bank details specifying the order number in the reason for the transfer. After making the transfer, send the CRO number (in the case of a transfer to a real bank) or the receipt generated by the system (in the case of online bank transfer) via email or fax number

2. payment by PAYPAL

We accept payments via PayPal

3. Payment by CREDIT CARD

We accept payments by CREDIT CARD (NEXY circuit)